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A highly influential and sought after sales trainer and business consultant, Pete Scott has spent the last decade building a powerful track record helping companies dramatically increase their sales results and transform their overall business. 

Trusted by over 100 companies including brands such as American Express, Shell and Rolls Royce, Pete's seen sales and business performance across a magnitude of scenarios and industries.

Pete's work cuts to the very heart of your business and quickly, he's able to establish the real challenges you've likely been facing. 

Pete has helped:

  • A struggling sales professional go from earning a maximum of £1000 per month, to consistently earning £12,000 per month.


  • A high end gym in Central London who were never able to reach their sales targets in 2 years - to consistently surpassing EVERY sales target from there on out


  • A recruitment company to increase its revenues by over £300,000, in just 3 months!

These are just a few examples.

Pete has consulted and trained companies all over the world, including Malaysia, New York, Milan, Orlando, Ghana, Dubai, Amsterdam and London.

Today, Pete has made these skills and strategies available for you!​

Launching in early 2018, Pete’s Sales Pro Academy has already helped over 300 business owners and entrepreneurs take their business to the next level. 


You’ll have direct access to Pete’s sales methodologies and strategies on demand, interviews with real life sales & marketing experts and a likeminded and highly motivated community of business owners. 


The Sales Pro Academy will help you transform your dream business into a reality.

For Pete, this is not a job or even a business, it's an obsession. 

  • An obsession for you to be the best you can be

  • An obsession to elevate your business to where you know it should and needs to be

  • An obsession to ignite a fire within you and your team

This level of commitment is not for everyone and with over 100 companies trusting Pete over the years, he's seen too many times what happens when you DON'T give 100%, or when you play small. 

Pete has seen in his own life the result of not giving your best.

In 2010, when Pete first moved to London, he knew he could help companies transform their sales results! 

After a successful ten year career onboard cruise ships, where he had helped his company generate millions in extra revenues as head of fitness and revenue supervisor. He had all the confidence in the world to start approaching companies.

Fast forward a year later, Pete had a few clients onboard, but not even nearly enough to cover his basic living costs. 

Somewhere along the way, Pete went from goal focused, to problem focused. In other words, big thinking to small.

Finally, Pete was kicked out by his apartment because he couldn't pay rent, he found himself living sofa to sofa for a few months, until eventually he ran out of friends to lean on. 

The end result, illegally moving into an abandoned apartment in London. No food, no running water and all out of options. Or so it seemed.

This hitting rock bottom was his wake up call, it was only then he realised that it doesn't matter what you've achieved previously in life, or how much you have to offer NOW. If you're playing small in your own mind you'll get small in life.

And before things got better, they got a whole lot worse...

Pete ended up sleeping in Heathrow airport for five nights because there was nowhere else to go, plus a contract that was meant to go ahead was cancelled at the last minute which put him right back to less than zero.

Yet, this time was different, his mentality had shifted and his current circumstances now had no impact on where he was heading.


With one suit, he found a way to get into London every single day, to speak to companies directly and literally walk into over 100 companies per week to build his name and brand.

On top of 2223 calls later, Pete finally began winning work and once he got the chance, he didn't disappoint. 


The rest, is history.


A few companies along the way have said not to share the above story, for FEAR their staff may gain a dose of inspiration and leave! 


It's crucial to note that if your team are going to leave, they'll leave anyway! However, training over 1000 staff members since 2012, only a fraction have left to setup their own business. The large majority, have gone on to do great things with their current employer.

"Transform your sales confidence | Set your sales on fire | Take your business to the next level

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