Hi, I’m Pete Scott, for pretty much my entire adult life I’ve been involved in helping people in the art and science of business. I also like to pretend I can still play professional basketball even though I’m 38 and I have the vertical leap of a tortoise.


For the last decade, my work was mostly involved with larger corporations, but in 2019 I’ve moved 100% of my focus to helping individuals move from transactional selling (this feels like you’re constantly chasing the next sale) to running high performing transformational businesses.

The main problem I see with online training today, is lots of individual skills and surface level strategies being shared, but mostly disconnected from the whole.


This approach in itself creates overstimulated business owners and underperforming businesses.

I like to keep things simple. 


Therefore, I teach what works and nothing else.

This is a bold statement, but think about it for a moment, the chances are nobody has ever failed because they didn't learn the latest Instagram algorithm hack, or Youtube influencer secret.

Working with hundreds of businesses, I've seen it's the the basics in depth, that help a business succeed.

I call this the ecosystem and it's all in my Business Pro Academy with all the support you'll ever need to grow a successful business.

Take a look at how the Business Pro Academy can help you here.

I help people transform their sales and business