Are you ready to unlock your sales confidence?

Pete Scott works with a select number of high impact individuals each year who are not afraid to push boundaries in their life and business.

Important: Mentoring with Pete, is subject to a successful application. 

If you are currently succeeding within your life and business, but feel you’re only scratching the surface of your true potential, sales mentoring could be the answer for you.

Pete has personally helped over 100 people over the years all, from different walks of life, industries and parts of the globe. Despite, these differences, they all possessed one common trait.

A burning desire to succeed combined with a tenacity and resilience to attain their goals.


✔ CEO’s
✔ Sales Director’s
✔ Entrepreneurs and business owners 
✔ Highly ambitious Sales Professionals

The above positions are not prerequisites of entering a mentoring agreement with Pete, yet a CEO or high performance mentality is must.


✔ Transform your sales and business
✔ Become a more effective leader for your people
✔ Recruit and train your own high performance and results driven sales team
✔ Become the go to expert within your industry and build a powerful personal brand
✔ Live life to your fullest potential, no exceptions

Without question, Pete will help you tap into the best version of you and give you the tools and strategies to succeed. 


✔ Building a multiple six to seven figure business
✔ Successfully launch new products and services
✔ Develop a deep level of leadership and management skills
✔ Master the real skills of sales, including influence, negotiations, sales presentations and closing
✔ Penetrating new markets and industries 
✔ Transitioning from B2C to B2B selling
✔ Becoming a high impact leader who can be highly sought after at director level within their chosen industry
✔ Becoming the go to expert within their chosen niche 
✔ Becoming a full stack leader 
✔ Breaking through mental blocks and barriers which keep individuals on the hamster wheel of success

Above, is the short list of areas you can expect to embody during your mentoring journey.

If you would like to move forward, your next step is to apply below.


Please be as detailed as possible in your reasons for wanting to work with Pete as your mentor. 

Once your application is complete, one of Pete’s team will be in touch with you within 48 hours to let you know the status of your application.