"Inspiring your team to peak performance."

Let's get right to it...

"We transform people and businesses, to operate at the highest level."

Building anything of real value takes work. 


Whether you're starting out on day zero, or you're hitting close to the billion pound mark. 

The truth is, you will hit challenges and you'll need to dig deeper than ever before. 

If ONLY business was easy, if only training a high performing team was simple, we'd all be thriving and succeeding in what we do.

Yet, I know you're not here because you want it to be a walk in the park, or to set your targets lower.

You're here because you know deep down, you CAN:

  • Raise the bar

  • Build a winning team

  • Smash through your sales targets

  • Become an inspiring leader in your marketplace 

  • Execute a powerful and proven strategy

Our focus is to help you go from where you are right now, to your ultimate business potential.

"You don't buy training, you buy your team performing at their best! You don't buy consultancy, you buy sales and business transformation."

Over the last decade, Pete has observed 6 key principles that are vital when helping people to reach the next level in business.

1. 360 learning

To learn a new skill isn’t enough, you must embody it.

An evolution within learning & development is understanding that theory and tactics are not enough to succeed, not anymore at least.

Learning a skill from a 360 approach, is the only way to create the behavioural change needed, or the old non serving behaviour will always win.

One of the core reasons for Pete Scott’s success in helping companies, is in not accepting out of date training approaches that only focus on superficial tactics. 

The future is already here, we now understand what creates behavioural change and we’re embracing it fully!

4. Ecosystem

Everything is connected.

You can possess every skill in the world to succeed, but if you lack the habits or the mentality, you’ll still fall short. 

Pete Scott’s ecosystem approach ensures your not missing something right under your nose, that could switch on the key to success.

2. High performance skills

Building your high performance skills is the most guaranteed way to create your edge in the marketplace.

Products will change and target markets will evolve. 

What will remain constant is the need for exceptional people in your organisation.


Pete Scott’s Business Academy has a laser focus for teaching the skills that matter, from emotional intelligence, business strategy to high impact leadership.

We consider all of these and many others, to be high performance skills.

5. Personal evolution training

You only graduate to the next level, when you’re overqualified for where you’e at now.

Too often, we’re searching for the external evolution. 

The next business goal, sales target or promotion. 

The list goes on.

Where actually, what matters above all else is your own personal evolution. 

When you commit to your own evolution, the world will act as your mirror.

Pete Scott and his team, are committed to inspiring you and your team to have the reflection you want, not what you don’t want.

3. Ripple effect

What energy are you putting out to the world?

The work you do today, goes well beyond your immediate boundaries. 

The human condition is to believe the world is transactional, yet this is far from the truth.

In sales and business, learning to rise above the next sale can be transformational in how you show up and how you’re business makes a difference in your chosen industry.

6. Ultimate Self Leadership 

Success starts with how you lead yourself. 


From the moment you start your day, you’re influencing the most important person of all…



By taking full ownership of how you show up, your subtle habits that you may feel are insignificant. To how you motivate yourself in your own mind. 

It all matters.

The plus 3000 people Pete has already worked with, will tell you that to lead others, first you must lead yourself.


To set the standard around the globe, for what is possible when you embody peak performance strategies.


- High impact

- Transformation, not transaction

- Results orientated

- Only do what works, nothing else

- Inspire and empower

- Laser focus


Igniting the true potential within leaders and individuals.

Over the last decade, Pete Scott has made it his mission to help hundreds of companies substantially increase revenues, build high performance teams and ultimately, create something that lasts.

Pete and his team have worked closely with global brands such as American Express, Shell and Rolls Royce to name a few. 

To find out why Pete has been trusted by so many companies, check out his story.

Equally, Pete has helped dozens of startup's and small businesses grow to the next level.

Through the methodologies of:

  • Sales

  • Leadership

  • Business strategy

  • Business psychology 

  • High performance skills

Your business (large or small) can create its edge and make an impact in your chosen industry.

Pete and his team of world class consultants, are here to listen to your ultimate vision, your real life challenges and work in partnership to execute a plan specifically built for your business and your target market.

Pete Scott Ltd |  London, UK  | Email: team@petescott.com

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