I'll help you and your team sell like you've never seen before!

(Sloth included.)
  • Name: Samuel Miller

  • Occupation: Director of International Media Agent Creative and Noble

  • Location: London

“We closed a 5k deal for our financial advisor in the States, and now everyday we are negotiating to multi million pound businesses for deals that are worth 30-50k plus”

  • Name: Leanne Alvarez

  • Occupation: Consultant for a Financial Company

  • Location: London

“The big results that I got was in the last quarter, I turned over 100k. I was acknowledged as the top performer in the consultant company that I was working for, and as a result of that I was promoted.”

  • Name: Aliya Raja

  • Occupation: Confidence Coach for Women

  • Location: London

“I used the info Pete talked about regarding sales calls and then how to conduct meetings.

Today I got a phone call from the top firm in Abu Dhabi to confirm that they want to start working with me as a freelancer to do workshops in the new academic year… & today and yesterday I signed up my 2 highest paying clients so far.”

  • Name: Shoana Taylor

  • Occupation: Director at Nutrient Vibes Ltd

  • Location: London

“The best thing is that, I have a new branch now, which I would never have thought of before, of bringing a service that is health and wellness in to business. 

I would say that the best thing about this course is the level of support that you get. Pete delivers high high value and you will just have no end of new things to learn and new ways to increase the success in your business.”

  • Name: Nick Cownie

  • Occupation: Director at Success Dynamics

  • Location: Australia

“I flew from Australia just to attend Pete’s B2B Sales Pro. He was able to understand my business model in less than 2 minutes, but then explained exactly where I’ve been missing out on huge opportunities in the corporate sector. Now, just one month later, I’m in the final stage of closing my first ever one million dollar contract.”  

  • Name: Richard Spacey

  • Occupation: Director at Atlas Gym

  • Location: Southampton, UK

“Thank you for the advice you’ve given me, you have basically helped me triple the attendance at my gym”  

  • Name: Vicky Hendry

  • Occupation: Business owner of Face Up Beauty

  • Location: Derby, UK

“In the 30 days that I have been following the coaching programme with Pete, my turnover increased by 62% in the month”  

  • Name: Adam Chatterley

  • Occupation: The Beauty Business Podcast

  • Location: Leeds, UK

“I’ve closed the single biggest consulting deal that I’ve ever had, using just the 5 steps sales conversation approach that you taught us”

  • Name: Robert Bateman

  • Occupation: Bateman Kildare Limited

  • Location: Colchester, UK

“Pete has completely changed the way I organise my day, set my targets, produce my strategy and has brought determination, motivation and drive back into me and my business.  

The business is growing rapidly from just a few meetings and parts of advice I had from him so far”  

  • Name: Clair Kim

  • Occupation: Founder of Clairly Designed

  • Location: Ottawa, Ontario

“Through working with Pete’s programme, (it’s only been a month), I have over 6 figures of deal in the pipeline that are in final stages of negotiation.”

  • Name: Ellie Holmes

  • Occupation: Holmes Beauty

  • Location: Cotswold, UK

“My profit margin has gone up by 60% this month”  

  • Name: Lucie Bradbury

  • Occupation: Founder at Feminine Leadership

  • Location: Leamington Spa, UK

“Pete is one of the most real, authentic and profoundly deep business transformational coaches/mentors that I’ve become across and I’ve worked with a lot of people. I’ve been in business myself, for 15-16 years. 

We are tired of the cookie cutter/copy cat and when I came across Pete, I felt something very refreshing about his work.”

  • Name: Malina Bien

  • Occupation: Founder Female Coach on Fire Water

  • Location: London, UK

“With Pete’s help, I’ve managed to plan things the way I’ve never planned before. Starting to see the success that’s coming my way and I know exactly how I’m going to achieve it.

Working with Pete will literally change you as a person, as a business owner.”

  • Name: Nichola Burns

  • Occupation: Business development manager

  • Location: Newcastle, UK

“Pete’s programme has resulted in me having the biggest sales, the highest revenue I’ve ever signed in one month in my entire career. So thank you Pete!”

  • Name: Sarah Ward

  • Occupation: Director at Skin Solutions Ltd

  • Location: Brentwood, UK

“Pete’s really opened my eyes to lots of changes that I need to do within the business to become more successful, not only at retail but also m

y leadership skills and becoming a better manager and so on.

He’s got such a refreshing approach and he’s so personable, likeable, makes everything seem possible and puts it in very easy steps and procedure.”

  • Name: Donna Clayton

  • Occupation: Metis Beauty Academy

  • Location: London, UK

“With Pete, I’ve managed to have a really month. Pete helped me to pull apart and asked me all the right questions.


Pete Scott you genius! 2 more enquiries, 1 confirmed booking in August!


Love this end of the month malarkey!”

  • Name: Nadia Dubiel

  • Occupation: Founder at SuperHuman Academy

  • Location: London, UK

“Most amazing training that I have ever attended, I have attended many different trainings before but this one is definitely the best. 


Pete’s training really helped me to create structure. I made the more progress in the first 30 days that I did in the last 12 months”

  • Name: Theresa Bloor

  • Occupation: Director at Moorlands Beauty Salon

  • Location: Stoke-on-Trent, UK

“Just looked at my ‘month-end-results’ and wow, all I can say mate is it’s all down to you and your faith in what we could do and what I thought we could never achieve and the results has been the highest we’ve ever done for the month.”

  • Name: Darren Danks

  • Occupation: Founder at Darren Danks Coaching

  • Location: Birmingham, UK

“Before I started this programme, my business was a little bit wishy washy, the foundations weren’t there, it was anywhere near they should’ve been.But because of you my foundations is completely solid now, and this is what U wanted for my business.”

  • Name: Helene Schmidt

  • Occupation: Founder Exploring Happy

  • Location: France

“Working with Pete, made me realise what I really wanted to do, the people I want to talk to, the people I know I’m brining the biggest transformation to. 

Alongside with the programme, things started shifting in this area. I also brought me a lot of ‘aha’ moments."

  • Name: Sarah Hurst

  • Occupation: Founder at Sarah Hurst Skin Clinic

  • Location: Brighton, UK

“He has helped me enormously. I’ve worked with him online, through programmes, his academy and a 1-1 basis. 

He just helped given me so much, so many ideas in terms of sales, language of sales, how to sell authentically, just how to package things together, theres just so much, I can’t really mention it in one video. He can help B2B and B2C”

  • Jonathan Frost

  • Occupation: Director at Fix my PC

  • Location: Sheffield, UK

“Pete not only has given me fantastic advice on sales, but he has also given me some really good tips on training my staff, leadership, also taking action and developing my product and services, focusing down on the absolute core product.”

  • Name: Jamie Reid

  • Occupation: Founder Exploring Happy

  • Location: London, UK

“I’ve grown so much, the vibe in my salon has changed. It’s a lot more happier, I’ve been feeling a lot more. 

I feel more inspired to do more as well, I’m excited for the next step and I’m really inspired to keep going with my business and do it really strong”

  • Name: Sushmita Jain

  • Occupation:Business Strategist at Sushmita Jain

  • Location: India

“I worked on myself, I worked on my business and that is something that has made my July the best month ever and it’s definitely going to change how I do my business forever, so thank you so much Pete!”

  • Name: Guna Meldere

  • Occupation: Founder at Brand Style Insiders

  • Location: Scotland, UK

“As a vision builder in my company, not micro managing. I have hired a team to help with our work. I am super grateful our income definitely has increased.”  

  • Name: Jeremy Heath

  • Occupation: Managing Director at Greens Water Systems 

  • Location: Lincoln, UK

  • Name: Mounir Mehhat

  • Occupation: Director at MMFitness

  • Location: London

“Traditionally my worst two months are July/ August. Since working with Pete, this year, just July I had higher revenue than the best month last year and every month i’m hitting x 7 what I ever reached before.”